Horse Festival

Tissa (the Fez Province)/October The picturesque center of Tissa, located a few miles off the main road in the Fez province, is the site of a gigantic competition between the various horse breeds. Every year in October, hundreds of riders assemble wearing their finery to present their mounts. Prize-giving and festivities create a very animated […]


Date Festival

Erfoud/Early October This magnificent festival is held annually in the Erfoud area where nearly a million date-palms grow. There is grown a wide range of types of dates. Take for instance the majestic palm-tree, waving lazily in the warm breeze providing shade and a livelihood. The peasants who cultivate them rely on them for almost […]


Festival of Fiances

Imilchl Moussem/ 4th Week in September Imilchl is a small high Atlas village at an altitude of 8,430 feet. For the young men and girls of the area, it is a tradition to get married on the day of the Moussem in ancient times. A holy man uses to bless the betrothed at Abdgoul and […]


Honey Festival

Imouzer of Ida Ou Tanane (Agadir Province)/ In the beginning of May (Early May) Argana is said to be the largest collective beehive in the world and also one of the most curious because of its construction, history and the way it is run. Most of the hives are made of split reed cylinders covered […]


Olive Festival

Rafai (Fez Province)/Mid-December A very pretty festival where one can see the traditional olive-picking ceremony, numerous ‘Diffa’ feasts and folklore events in a surprisingly vast area of olive groves.


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