11 July 2021

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Festival of Fiances

Imilchl Moussem/ 4th Week in September

Imilchl is a small high Atlas village at an altitude of 8,430 feet. For the young men and girls of the area, it is a tradition to get married on the day of the Moussem in ancient times. A holy man uses to bless the betrothed at Abdgoul and the legend goes that they will remain happy for the rest of their lives.

The Finance Festival is staged on the site of the tomb of the old wise man, who is venerated in the High Atlas. It is a time for some 30,000 people from the mountains to assemble in tents for three days with their flocks, horses and camels. It is an occasion for the young girls to wear and show their finery, and their sumptuous silver jewelry and to dance the day and night away under the sun and the stars.

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