Casablanca to Rabat

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Our company will elatedly take its cruisers guests on a day trip to visit Rabat city. A city whose features vary between what is memorial and newfangled.

It is located on the Atlantic Ocean coastline, at Bou Regreg passage river.

During this round trip in Rabat, we will explore not only the history of the city towers and castles but also the updated urban projects being constructed in Africa in the last century.

All of Hassan Mosque, the Almohad gates and bulwark distinguish the outdated area of Rabat-The only everlasting part of the project for a great capital city of Almohad .

The guide will escort you in a circuit through the charming Almohads walls of the Udayays Kasabah.

you will also explore Bab Oudaïa, a majestic gate and a witness of Almohad martial architecture.

The next station will be the Udayays museum. Once you have your lunch, carry on walking to HassanTower, an outstanding commemorative and tourist complex in Rabat.

Now we move to Chella, a Necropolis and antique site.

From there to the Majestic Royal Palace, visitors can discover the terrific Islamic architecture.

The guests are permitted to visit Al Mechouar, the locality where the king led the religious feast prayers and enjoy the amazing grassy gardens by its surrounding.

Al Mechouar site is our day’s trip terminus.Thus, it’s time to drive back to Casablanca.


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