11 July 2021

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Festival of World Sacred Music (Fez)

Festival of World Sacred Music (Fez)



Welcome to sacred music festival in Morocco! Internationally renowned artists from around the world flock to Morocco’s spiritual capital for the annual Fez Festival of World Sacred Music and perform a variety of styles, from Moroccan Sufi chants, Pakistani qawwali incantations, and Egyptian madhi odes, to flamenco-style Christian saeta, ancient Indian gwalior chants, and Turkish whirling dervishes.


Over the course of the event, musicians from France to Rajasthan find common ground, with collaborative performances culminating the program and celebrate this festival of sacred music.


Your sacred music festival tour is interspersed with excursions to surrounding areas to bring you a unique cultural experience. Each day, explore highlights of Morocco, while taking in the delights of the festivals in Morocco by night.

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