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You could not do better

You could not do better than to trust your Moroccan tour to Rostom.

I have never forgotten the amazing time I had when I had the pleasure of having him as my guide.

He got to know me, and was able to cater to everything I liked, planning special stops and even the types of restaurants I would enjoy.

He was very knowledgeable,intelligent, punctual and quite an interesting tour guide.

Really interesting conversations were a feature of our long drives, though if I just wanted to be quite and read, he never tried to talk to much – he just seemed to know what I wanted.

I think he loves what he does, and it shows.

He genuinely likes and enjoys being with the people he gives tours to.

He has a huge talent as a tour guide.

He can arrange really magical days, at short notice, varying things according to your individual needs and wants.

I am sure the drivers who are working for his company can do the same.

I would highly recommend his company.