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You can’t go wrong

My wife and our niece traveled for ten days with Rostom throughout Morocco, having chosen his company from this site and based on previous reviews.

We are used to expensive, “white glove” service using a middle man company to organize our private tours and have been all over the world this way.

This was the first time we have cut out the middle man and gone right to the local guide company.

First, you’ll save at least half if not two thirds of what you would pay using a middle-man tour company.

Second, since Rostom asks you to pick your level of hotels and then sends you a list of them so you can check them out before you commit to them, you are getting some of the same hotels the higher end middle-man companies use.

At least, we did. Every single riad was excellent.

Top notch. Rostom is extremely hospitable, never stops smiling and is indefatigable and reliable when on the tour. He was also very accommodating for any of our special requests.

He drove us all over Morocco, making sure we were well situated in our riads, gave us suggestions for restaurants, and in all but one case, provided us with top-notch guides.

The exception was only because his chosen guide wasn’t available. The guide we got in that case was very good just not quite as good as the others and was for a very short part of one day.

I wouldn’t hesitate to use this tour company again and would highly recommend them.

If you have any questions, I’ll be glad to try to answer them.


Crystal Lake, Illinois