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Outstanding driver and tour manager for Morocco

It was our good fortune to have had Rostom Badrane as our driver for a 15-day tour of Morocco arranged by Alecia Cohen of Travel Explorations.

But the word “driver” doesn’t begin to describe Rostom’s role, which was more in the nature of master tour guide and chauffeur.

A native of Fes, Rostom is extremely knowledgeable about his country and was eager to share that knowledge with us.

He looked after us night and day, not just as a driver, but booking tables at restaurants and clubs, arranging expert tour guides at each destination, and providing alternative options for excursions or side trips.

Nor did his job end in the early evening.

When we booked a table at a dinner club in Marrakech, he picked us up at our riad and later brought us back.

We never had to hire a taxi.

One got the sense that Rostom took genuine delight in showing us all that Morocco has to offer.


Terri S
Silver Spring, Maryland