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We at Badrane Tours are happy to offer you photo tours and photo workshops, supervised by the well-known photographer Rosa Frei.

We offer customized private tours all over Morocco.

Throughout the tour you will receive hands-on constructive advice and tips, allowing you to expand your knowledge of photography, while traveling through some of the most beautiful landscapes of Morocco.

Photography is so much more than just taking pictures.

Photography is the ‘Art of Seeing’! Rosa’s specialty is, to help you improve your visual awareness and to stimulate your creativity.

A photo tour with Rosa will be of interest to anyone with a love of photography and a desire to experience the beauty of Morocco first hand.

The pace will provide ample opportunity to capture outstanding and unique images.

The tours are possible at any time of the year but best between September and June.

The photo instructions will be in German or English.

Travelers with photography experience of all levels are welcome, also children.

About the photographer: Rosa lives in Morocco since 2007 and has been photographing its exotic beauty intensive on countless tours and excursions through the country.

Her great love and passion is the South and in particular the desert.

She sells her vibrant and emotional Morocco images successfully worldwide.

Rosa is the manager of Photo Emotions S.A.R.L., based in Ouarzazate, which offers unique high quality pictures of Morocco and commercial photography assignments.